Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Style or Beguile?

This is my last installment in my personal review of the book, The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. So settle in everyone, this could be a long ride....

  • Mad Money - Ummm, I'm not so good at saving money, I tend to spend it before it can make an impression in my wallet. HA!
  • Man's White Shirt - oh yeah! And what's sexier than greeting your man in a pair of heels and a white dress shirt when he comes home from work...
  • Mary Janes - I honestly don't own a pair, but wish I did :(
  • Minnetonka Moccasin - guess I'm not earth crunchy enough, I don't eat trail mix, and don't own a pair of moccasins, plus they have NO support for my aching feet..HA!
  • Missoni Knit - I HAD to look this one up!! I don't think they sell these in the South, and if so, I think it might "hug" my far too huggable body a little much
  • Monogrammed Stationary - do we REALLY still use paper? I just make my own on PrintShop and send out holiday letters..hehehe
  • Motorcycle Jacket - I have a cheap one (less than $125.00) but it still counts, right?
  • Nail Polish - I went through a phase where I did my own fake nails CONSTANTLY, so I have a BUNCH of nailpolish
  • Old Concert T-Shirt - yeah, Hubby has them, kids wear them, they're a bit tight
  • One-Piece Swimsuit - what woman over a size 8 DOESN'T have a one piece?
  • Pajamas - I have multiples for various "occasions"
  • Peacoat - just doesn't look good on me yet, but a bloggy friend just bought a purple pea coat and that's just fun to say!
  • Pearl Necklace - sorry, can't help but giggle...
  • Pencil Skirt - straight skirts don't lay so straight on me these days
  • Perfume - I think I might just provide pictorial evidence of my relationship with perfume:

  • Plain white tee - I need to go out and get a new one for this year
  • Polo shirt - I have too many of these to count, although 90% of them are knock-offs
  • Pucci - again, something I had to look into
  • Push-Up Bra - umm yeah, a cpl of 'em..LOOVE them!!!
  • Quality Champagne - I don't keep this on hand all the time, but I do loves me some great champagne when the occasion calls for it!
  • Red Lipstick - Mmmmmm..wear it when I'm feeling dangerous
  • Robe - but of course! I have a short silk one, long silk one, and a terrycloth one
  • Safari Jacket - this is another one of those things that I've just never been a big fan of, reminds me too much of parachute pants
  • Sandals - wouldn't be caught without them in the summer and spring!!
  • Sarong - I have one that I LOVE to wear year-round when I'm just lounging about
  • Signet Ring - sadly, no
  • Silk Scarf - I LOVE this accessory, especially when its used in funky ways (tie it to some bangles, hand it over one shoulder, tie it in your hair as a flowing headband, simply tied to your purse handle for a splash of color...)
  • Slippers - does it count if they're bear feet?
  • Spanx - all hail the Spanx!!!
  • Statement Necklace - These are sooo much fun!!! I love pairing it with a simple outfit that's one color but the necklace is bold and beautiful!!!
  • Stilettos - I need to go buy a REAL pair of beauutiful stilettos!!
  • Striped Sailor Shirt - ok, women of my size DO NOT look good in horizontal stripes!
  • Suit - I LOVE LOVE LOVE a well tailored suit!!!
  • Sunhat - I used to have a great one, but when I could no longer wear the dress, I ditched the hat
  • Trench - I have a beautiful black trenchcoat that I look forward to being able to wear now that its finally getting colder
  • Turquoise and Coral Jewelry - luckily I have a very jewelry obsessed mother who keeps me in beautful jewelry
  • Tuxedo Jacket - I need one of these, but it'll wait
  • Umbrella - oh yeah! And its big and beautiful!!!
  • Underwear - yeah, I do commado from time to time, but only when ABSOLUTELY called for!!!
  • Valid Passport - I keep meaning to get one of those
  • Vans - I have one pair, my son has one pair...I wear both
  • Vintage - yeah, I own things from yesteryear, but I'm not sure they would qualify..although I DO stil have all the buttons I used to wear on my jean jacket..HA!
  • Watch - all mine are silver, so if I wear gold, I just use the cell phone
  • Wayfarers - my sunglass options are somewhat limited, but I DO have a pair of prescription Coach sunglasses that I absolutely adore!
  • Wellington boot - nope, they make my feet look like they're 4 sizes BIGGER!!
  • Wide-Leg Trouser - most of mine fall into this category
  • Wrap Dress - I have a wrap skirt..does that count?
  • Yoga gear - I LOVE me some yoga AND yoga gear! I have the mat, and the outfits...they're SOO cozy! I don't go to any fancy schmancy class..I just do WiiFit Yoga..ha!
  • Zippered Hoodie - yea boy! I keeps it real wiz ma hoodie! HAHAHA!! I have a few, but I'm not sure they're very gangsta or anything...they're PINK!!! hehehe

Any thoughts? How stylish are you?


The Stiletto Mom said...

Oh hon, go get some stilettos so your feet hurt as much as mine!

The stylish question: hmmm depends on the day or the time of the day. I work, but from home, so for instance right now my style level is about 1% and thats only if you like University of Wisconsin shirts with holes in them. Lunch later today which means I actually have to get dressed today (the horror!) but then I'm bustin out the designer duds and stilettos. My husband never quite knows which one of me he is going to get on a daily basis! :)

PS...your blog is adorable!!! I'll be back!

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