Sunday, June 26, 2011

Makeup days and excused absences

I remember in school we had excused and unexcused absences. If you had a note, the absence was excused and you were allowed a makeup day for any work you'd missed. If unexcused, well you were pretty much outta luck. I don't really think diets have excused and unexcused absence days. Don't get me wrong, everyone always has plenty of excuses as to why they didn't stick with their diet, but I don't think many of them are valid excuses.

Yesterday, I had an unexcused absence. I know I can't make up for the lost progress. At the same time I cannot allow myself to torture my will power into giving up altogether. I watched a friend of mine's elementary school aged children (9 and 10). We went to the pool, but we drove there (when we could have easily had walked). While there, I got in the pool and just sat there, telling myself the water was a little chilly and rather than swim mini-laps I needed to focus my attention on the children. After the pool, we went and got pizza. I know that I could have still maintained my healthier choices by only having a slice or two and making sure my choices of toppings were not dripping with grease, neither of which did I do.

So today I start anew, while telling myself that yesterday cannot get me down. I simply need to make better choices today. I joined the local rec center two days ago. I went for a 25 minute workout that day. They don't open until 12pm on Sunday, so it looks like I'll be waiting to go until this afternoon. I'm hoping I can talk the rest of my family into joining me on today's visit. This morning, since the dog and my husband woke me up early, I'm going to take advantage of my current state. I think I'll hop in the bath, shave my legs, and go upstairs to work out on the Wii or xBox 360 for a bit. In fact, EA Active is calling my name this hour.

Be well friends!


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