Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't you just hate that?!?!

You know when you hear from skinny people that you'll feel SO much better about yourself and your day if you exercise regularly? I HATE it when they're right! Ha!

This morning I continued my swimming exercising, but I amped it up a bit and went for 20 laps instead of 12-15. In total is took my about 40 minutes to complete. My eyes are still a bit stingy from the experience, even though I got a pair of goggles the other day. But truth be told, I DO feel better!

I weighed this morning before heading out and even saw that I was down 2.5 lbs this week!! Yay!!

I'm meeting some friends for lunch this afternoon, and still have a LOT of cleaning to do before heading out on vacation Sunday, but I'm confident that I can keep this trend going!


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