Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going it alone...sort of...

Weight loss, I've been told, is always easier when you have someone to make the journey with, as opposed to going it alone. Well, my family is less than enthusiastic about joining me at the local rec center on a regular basis. One of my close friends around here usually sleeps late as she has trouble sleeping at night. So I've decided I'll go at it alone, sort of. I say "sort of" because I have my Facebook and blog friends/family to encourage me as well. But don't fret! I'm not discouraged at all! I'm finding my inner strength and pushing forward.

My sleep schedule has somewhat normalized this week. I'm going to bed around 9:30-10pm and getting up between 5am-6am in the mornings. I usually check my online games and messages, then do a little personal bible study, then its off to exercise! This morning I spent some time at the rec center, then headed to the neighborhood pool for laps. The only other person awake this morning was my loyal hound, Daisy Mae (a chihuahua). But no worries, it allowed me to gather my thoughts and plans for the day in relative silence.

I go on vacation next week with the kids, Hubby, and my parents. We'll be on a houseboat for a week and then the kids, Hubby, and I will head to NW Arkansas for an additional week. It'll be difficult, for sure, to keep in a good state of mind and motivation, but I'm sure I can do it!!

Choosing the more healthful alternative isn't always the most popular, but I KNOW I'm going to feel SO much better as the pounds melt away and my health improves overall!


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