Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You're getting sleepy...sleeepyyyy....

So the other day I was wandering around Half Price Books waiting for my couple of dollars for the boxes of books I'd brought in when I found myself in the "Audiobooks" section. One of the CDs I perused was on hypnotism to help you stay on your diet. I didn't buy it, mostly because I'm somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to all things hypnotic. Supposedly this thing was supposed to help teach you how to go into a "trance," overcome cravings, keep yourself motivated to stick with your diet, encourage rethinking about exercise, and more. Something along the lines of this.

I won't lie to you...I almost DID grab it up to see if it'd do anything to help. I've stuck with my weight loss path pretty well recently. Through migraines, sickness, etc...I've managed to workout on a regular basis and say NO to many tempting food stuffs! Yay me!!

OK, anyway, back to what I was the past I've gotten CDs that you're supposed to listen to at night that help you subliminally be excited to exercise and motivate you in general. But my problem is that I don't sleep alone. There's that pesky Hubby in bed next to me most nights. And because of this cohabitant I would have to use ear buds/earphones to listen to anything "in my sleep," as he wants it silent and as dark as we can get it in the room for an optimal sleeping environment. I'd use ear buds, but I have to tell you I have a somewhat irrational fear that I'm going to get the cord wrapped around my neck and be strangled to death. For the record, I do NOT want to kick the bucket before I get laser hair removal on my chin/neck...Hubby's threatened to "let it grow" postmortem. I DO NOT want THAT look at my funeral!!! ICK!!

So I'm curious if there's any of you out there in the blogosphere that have any opinions concerning hypnotism for more than just embarrassing yourself at a stage show or laughing at your friends when they start clucking like a chicken every time the dryer bell dings.


Lorie said...

Well, I have never done the hypnosis thing myself but I have had a friend that quit smoking using it.
In High School a friend and I used to record ourselves asking and answering questions or saying those little parts of plays for English and then we would play them while we slept. Sometimes it helped sometimes it didn't.
Personally I think its a willpower thing and the Dorsey I know has that, I just know it! ;-)

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