Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Postings everywhere!!

Welcome to my new tool box! Yes, Post-Its/sticky notes! I have put then up all over the house to remind me to do little things throughout my day. =) One of the messages greeting me at every corner says this:

As I mentioned before, I do better at keeping up with weight-loss related items if I blog on a regular basis. So that should explain this one.

The next is also kind of self-explanatory.

This one is the most prevalent in my household. I think I have one or two in almost every room in the house. This morning it seemed to do the trick, and I'm hoping that it will continue to do so later in the day when I go for workout-round 2. I'm trying to mix up my workouts these days, so I don't get so burn-out so quickly and just let it fall by the way-side. This morning I started with some yoga, followed by a little cardio dance instruction courtesy of a Dancing With The Stars DVD. This afternoon I think I'll hit the EA Active "game" on the Wii. Then I'll follow it all up with some Dance Dance Revolution this evening.

Here's the last post it:

Again, kind of self-explanatory. We seem to have a problem with achieving a steady stream of finished laundry in this house. I placed one of these by all the hampers in the house (master bathroom, son's room, daughter's room), on the wall in the kids' bathroom, and on the door that leads to the laundry room. By doing this I'm hoping that at least three loads of laundry will get done every day. I know that may seem like a lot, but eventually it'll even out and we'll have to do less (I hope!). And for the record, I already started my load today.

I'm thinking I'll make some chicken salad for lunch today and have it with some pita bread. I LOVE that stuff!! If it turns out to taste super yummy, I'll post the recipe. I think its one I took out of a magazine.

Be well friends!


Lorie said...

LOVE this idea! I might borrow it! ;-)

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