Monday, September 6, 2010

Time management

I have recently acquired a new laptop. Well, sort of. My mother-in-law seems to have this thing for buying electronics. They're kind of disposable for her. She bought the one I'm talking about and then one day discovered that it no longer turned on. So she put it aside and went and got another one.

With my penchant for laptop repair, hubby thought he'd bring it home and see if I could diagnose and fix the problem. Knowing already that it wouldn't turn on, I decided first to check the battery. I took the battery off of my laptop and plugged it in (as my battery was fully charged). And wah-lah! We have start-up! Turns out the problem was simply that the laptop wasn't recognizing the AC adapter. So I went about dismantling the case to get to the appropriate plug. I got to it, sort of...its encased in plastic that I was unable to free it from without probable serious permanent damage.

So comes the chance for some serious time management. With a fully charged battery, I have just under 4 hours of life on this portable life support machine I call a laptop. Ha! Yes, I could go upstairs and play around on the desktop PC up there, but I'm trying to save that one for business purposes only. So I am resigning myself to cutting down the time I spend "plugged in" to the virtual world I keep in my head and on the Internet. This should help me with my exercise routine as well. If I'm not always on a computer, then I will have time available to do other things.

For more years than I can remember, when I've asked hubby what he wants for his birthday, he has responded with: "a clean house and a BJ." So this year, seeing as how we are in a cash tight situation for the time being, I've decided to give him just that! So today the kids and I are busy cleaning the house and organizing things. I even got the kids to help me move a non-working car out of the garage so I could get another dresser and move it into our bedroom for more storage room. I'm kind of good at the second part of that request, and even enjoy it, so that shouldn't be a problem either (after the kidlets get tucked into bed for the evening and the appropriate doors locked...ha!).

Another advantage of this new scheduling adjustment in my days is more time to keep the house clean! This is another constant request from hubby. And truth be told, I do feel more at peace when habitating in a tidy abode. *grin* Just don't tell hubby!! Ha!

So I'm off to take care of some other online duties, before my timer runs out and this contraption starts yelling at me telling me the battery's about to go out on me; then its off to more cleaning. He'll be home in just under 2 hours after all!

Good luck in all your endeavors, friends!


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