Sunday, September 5, 2010

She lives!!!

This past month, August, has not been one of my better months, I must admit.

Kyle and I had an unfortunate, but altogether necessary, financial "come to Jesus meeting," which ending in my "voluntarily" surrendering of the credit cards. My neighbor and good friend's mother passed away. My old maid great aunt passed away. And to top it off, I fell HARD off the weight loss wagon.

At one point this month I thought I'd made a real breakthrough! I had started consistently using Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii as a workout tool. I'd dance for about 30-40 minutes a day. I kept this up for about 10 days without missing a single day. Some days I even managed to work in an hour or more with this new trend I was starting for myself. Then death hit across the street. I was spending so much time doing whatever I could to help out a friend (pick up family at the airport, shop for upcoming birthday presents, pick up and pay for food for the reception to follow funeral services, etc...) that I'd stopped making time to work out. School was about to start for the kids and I thought this would offer me the time I was looking for to get back into it.

The first day of my kids' new school year hubby and I were headed to South Texas for the visitation and funeral services for my aunt. We stayed in a hotel overnight and then came home to a lot of busy days. We got back to the house early Tuesday (Aug. 24th) evening and then Wednesday (Aug. 25th) evening I had a meeting at the church for this year's confirmation class. On Friday (Aug. 27th), there was a Meet the Pirate night scheduled (a scrimmage football game and fundraising opportunity for the AFJROTC at the high school) that I was fated to attend and help out with. The next Monday (Aug. 30th) was Meet the Teacher night at both the high school and junior high. Of course, they were both pretty much at the same time as each other. Dear hubby had to work and I needed to be the one meeting their teachers anyway (I'm the one, not he, that deals with homework and parent-teacher communication throughout the year). For Meet the Teacher night at the high school I needed to compose a sign-up sheet for parents to fill out for AFJROTC (I'm the current secretary for the booster club) and get it up to the school and enough copies printed/copied for the task at hand.

Tuesday night (Aug. 31st), dear hubby left to go hunting for the week/weekend. The kids had school and so we stayed up here. We thought about meeting up with him at the farm house on Friday (Sept. 3rd), but the kids wanted to stay in town and attend a youth function at the church instead. Then I found out dear daughter has duties to perform at church on Sunday (this morning, Sept. 5th), so we're staying around here for the entire time hubby's away. Dear son went to a lock-in at the church Friday night and then to a LAN gaming party last night; so his social calendar was all kinds of full this weekend. Hubby will be back some time Monday evening, and until then the kids and I are keeping it low key at home (well I know I am, at least). Hubby DID leave me a credit card for the week/weekend, but with distinct instruction that it ONLY be used for groceries and gas for the car...NOTHING else! And eating out does NOT constitute grocery spending.

So I just haven't made time is what it boils down to in the end. I've been trying to eat better, which not having access to a credit card helps tremendously with that little task! No cash/no credit cards = No dining out!! Hubby shops for groceries, so that keeps me on the straight and narrow as far as eating better goes as well.

I guess in the end I know that I need to buckle down and just DO it! Perhaps I'll post little post-it notes all over the house telling myself to exercise and write my foods down in a food journal...and to BLOG REGULARLY!! I am being honest when I say that blogging on a regular basis has truly helped in me in my efforts. It makes me feel accountable to many people online. And somehow that seems to help me more than even being answerable to a local group of people. I feel like I'm letting various readers of this blog down when I don't update regularly.

So here's to my re-birth into the world of weight loss and blogging! "Dorsey will never go away agaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn!" (Just picture me singing it to the tune of "Hello, Dolly!" I'm sure that'll at least give you a chuckle.)


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