Friday, September 17, 2010

Mixing It Up

Recently I have to say I've been doing pretty well with my weight loss. I got on the Wii Fit this morning and had lost 0.4 lbs since last week. No, its not exactly anything to write home about. Yet, I feel considering the fact that I've been sick over the past week, its a success nonetheless!

One of the things I've been trying to do is to mix it up with my food choices. Money is SUPER tight around our house right now, so eating out has definitely been cut from the budget!! I'm eating at home every day!! And in order to keep myself from getting bored with the same things every day, I have to search out new recipes that are tasty, filling, and still healthy for my personal goals.

I have MANY cookbooks around the house, but also get the magazine Cooking Light delivered to the house. So monthly, I thumb through my periodical in search of something yummy. Here's some examples of recipes I've discovered and found to be SUPER delicious.

Chicken stuffed with spinach and feta

(above is the dish cooking)

Chicken stuffed with spinach & feta cheese
served with brown rice and green beans

Tuna Salad in a Pita
Tuna (canned in water)
Green Grapes
Dill Pickle Relish
Light Mayo
Ranch Dressing
Hard Boiled Eggs

Another treat that just doesn't photograph as well, is Sugar Free Jell-O mixed with Fat-Free Cool Whip. I just combine the two in a bowl and stir together gently. I usually cube the Jell-O and add it to a bowl then add in the Cool Whip. This is a delicious light afternoon snack or great somewhat impromptu dessert.

All of these things have been super tasty and very filling!! Do you have any recipes that work for you that are budget, taste, and weight loss friendly?


Lorie said...

Both of these sound really good! Might have to add them to the menu! ;-)

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