Monday, February 16, 2009

The obligatory post...

Seeing as how everyone else has blogged something about Valentine's Day I figured I'd share my experience. Around here it has just become another day, but I have been known to take advantage of the gift aspect of the occasion and try to weasel something out of my dear hubby. hehe This year I asked for a tripod for my camera, alright...YOU might not think its romantic or anything, but after this many years together, romance = electronics. HA!

Hubby asks for the same thing almost every year (truthfully, he asks for this for ANY gift giving occasion)...clean house and a BJ. well, he didn't get that this time. This past weekend I've been sitting for my BFF. She and her hubby went to CanCun for her hubby's brother's wedding and so the kids and her new dog needed somewhere to stay. Well, me being a friend I am, I was avaialble...(and this means she owes me big time). So there was no way in hell this house was going to be completely cleaned with two extra kids (1st grader and 3rd grader) and a puppy in our home!

So in keeping with this hold thrifty shit I'm having to embrace here lately, I cooked a meal at home. I made a Mediterranean Salad with homemade vinegrette dressing and feta cheese.
I picked up a bottle of Sparkling Zinfandel to drink. For the main course I made a Lobster and Corn chowder that was just DELISH!!! The recipe claimed that it makes 2 servings and is about 360 calories a serving. I have to tell you, I had maybe 1/2 a serving and was FULL!!!! Kyle ended up having the rest. He said it was SOO good! hehe
We both ate and giggled at how "unromantic" it all was in reality. In the background we heard children fighting and running around above us, dogs arguing over food at our feet (not OUR food, our dog's bowls are in the kitchen)...ahhh the ambiance! For dessert we had the classic chocolate dipped goodies (bananas, strawberries, and shortbread cookies)..I have one of those double boilers like you've seen on TV infomercials for chocolate, so I dipped them all myself.

I still haven't gotten my tripod, but I'm not gonna sweat it as I'm sure it'll happen in time. You know what, I still have some lobster in the fridge, I'm debating either making more chowder or putting it with some pasta and alfredo sauce for lunch today.


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

well it sounds YUMMY and if you didnt give him all he wanted no wonder why you are still waiting for that tripod!! hehehe JUST KIDDING!!!! Id do the pasta and alfredo sauce....omg now Im hungry!!

Susan said...

HOLY CRAP. I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!! Amazing! Did you do that yourself????

Dorsey said...

Dena - He claims he wanted to take me to Fry's and get it on Friday, but we ended up being lazy around te house all day instead.

Susan - Lord no! I'm playing around with some templates I found online. hehe...but thanks! I wondered how it looked to everyone else.

Missy said...

That looks and sounds so much better than White Castle!

Dawn said...

I love the new layout Dorsey! Cute!

Your dinner sounds like it was amazing. You are really talented in the kitchen!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Dorsey, I'd give my eye teeth to be able to cook. If your lobster corn chowder recipe is not out of the New York Times or otherwise requires a culinary degree, could you email it to me? Or better yet, post it on your blog? It sounds divine.

My poor hubs got Krystal burgers. Though I must tell you those little burgers freeze and heat up beautifully. Like you just went through the drive-through. 30 seconds on each side in the microwave, wrapped in a paper towel.

Sorry to leave such a pedestrian tip! Now about that chowder . . . recipe please!!

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