Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A future French Foreign Legion member?

This week my son had to sign up for classes for high school...wait a sec, HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! WTF?!?! I have a child in HIGH SCHOOL? Can't be, I look FAR too young for that! ;fEwopi[

Sorry, just fell off the bed dodging the lightning...

OK, so's his list of courses:

  • English I
  • Algebra I
  • PAP Biology
  • World Geography
  • French I
  • Drumline
  • ROTC 1
Alright, so the only "elective" in the bunch is drumline. He asked the hubby for a REAL drum set the other day (um, maybe NEXT Christmas, boy...for now keep bangin away on Rock Band). So I'm thrilled that he's pursuing this in such a fashion.
And PAP Biology is NOT some fast track in gynecology, it stands for "Pre-AP". It is an honors class. They recommended that everyone sign up for at least ONE advanced course. Last year he tried PAP History, but this year he's in no honors classes. So we'll see how biology treats him. I worry about dissection time, as he has his father's weak stomach. hmmmm.....
I asked him about taking French and why not Spanish. I know a foreign language is required, but I figured he'd stick to the same one most everyone else is taking. He said "Spanish is too common. I wanted to take German, but its not offered." WOW!! Depth. From the boy. Cool! Maybe I can help him study and learn some myself!
ROTC 1 - This is one we've talked about for years. He has said he wants to be in the military eventually, so we encouraged this venue for him. So he's stuck with it. This also counts as his extra-curricular activity that we told him he needed to pick up this next year. And can I just say he is going to look SWEET in a uniform!!! He's growing up so fast and is becoming quite a handsome gentleman.

When I told the Hubby about his class choices, he asked if he was joining the French Foreign Legion (French, World Geography, Drumline, and ROTC). Hehehe, who knows! Maybe? But I doubt it. Likely he'll join the Corps of Engineers at Texas A&M.

Ah well, adieu les amis!


Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

Aw you don't look a day over 21!! I bet your so proud of him !!

Sabrae Carter said...

I took french in school.. Much easier than spanish!!! :)

Lisa said...

You must have been what, like 13 when you got pregnant? ;)

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