Thursday, February 26, 2009

No rest for the Mom...

I am SOO incredibly thankful that today is a GORGEOUS day in N. Texas!! It is 82 degrees F outside!! Every now and then there's a slight breeze, and best of all..I DON'T have Spring allergies!! So after waking from my Theraflu induced sleep this morning-ish (it was about 12:30pm, but I was just waking it totally counts as my morning), I made myself a light lunch and proceeded to open all the doors/windows that I could. And no worries all, THIS time I had on shorts and a very light 3/4-length sleeve shirt (no need revisiting yesterday). What makes this day so wonderful is it is the FIRST day this week I've really felt half way decent. My nose is not too drippy today, the aches are subsiding, and no headache on the horizon!! Yipee!!! Last night was another story.
Yesterday, pretty much all day, I fought chills and fever along with overall yuckiness. I spent the vast majority of the day in bed drifting in and out of consciousness. So around 6:30pm the hubby calls to let me know he's on his way home. The conversation went something like this:
Him: Hey honey, I'm on my way home. Need me to get anything on the way home?
Me: (weakly)No, I don't think so.
Him: OK, so what's for supper?
Me: I don't know...I've been in bed all day. I haven't even thought about supper.
Him: Well, think about it. What are we having?
Me: I'm not sure...I guess we'll figure it out when you get home. Bye.
Him: OK, bye, see ya in a few.

WTF?!?! Now I must warn you, I'm one of those nurturing wives. When my hubby doesn't feel well I all out PAMPER him!! I dote. I bring him meals in bed. I check on him often. I threaten the children with unspeakable consequences if they make too much noise and disturb his rest. THIS apparently is a one-sided thing in my house. That same morning before he went to work, while I laid in the bed being about as pitiful as one could be, he whined "What? You didn't make me a lunch?" I just gave him a look, grabbed one of the dogs like a teddy bear, and rolled over.

Yesterday after my son came home from school he came into my room, laid down with me in bed, and watched Blossom reruns on DVD with me for about an hour and a half. He even asked if I needed anything.

After my darling hubby got home he continued to lament that he was HUNGRY!!! So I got up, moped into the kitchen and started some spaghetti. It was only after getting everything started that he huffed and said "No dear. Go back to bed. Remember, you're sick. Go to sleep."

I did just that! This morning I got up and cautiously stepped on the scale. I have not done so in several days. I've been lucky through being sick that I haven't had any stomach issues, so I've been able to keep everything in. And I have been trying to keep to a good meal plan. So I almost jumped for joy when those little digital numbers showed up FOUR AND A HALF pounds less than the last time I'd been on the scale!! Yeah!!!! So I'm on my way to being a Skinny Bitch!

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The Stiletto Mom said...

Way to find the silver lining in the sickness cloud! Glad you are feeling better.

Diva Ma said...

Glad that you're feeling better. 82? Wow! Boo on the whiney hungry husband!

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