Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Happy Homemaker?

So recently I've been going through boxes and boxes of old pictures. In my searching I have come across a few books that I forgot I had as well. And I think I know why I might have buried them in a box in the garage. Here is one of them:
I don't have an official date on this one, but judging from the picture I'd wager a guess at somewhere in the mid to late 60s. And doesn't she just look so fulfilled wiping her towel in the air? She MUST be high!!! The book opens with a letter to "dear homemaker:" in which Barbara Bee states that this little booklet will help you gain more "leisure time". It promises no magic ways to make this happen, just "little ideas" to make your every day tasks go faster. (I thought I figured out a way to do this by having children...aka lil' housework slaves...but alas this just magnifies my problems) And you know what SUCKS!! These are applicable to TODAY!!! It covers Floors and Walls, Fixtures and Windows, All Around the House, Pets, Laundering, Special Problems, Shampoos, soft Water, and Stain Removal. There is even a little thing about Husbands. I think I might hide this book from my husband, lest he thinks I should take some of the ideas and put them to use. If I do, I'm gonna need some of Barbara's booze or brain-altering substances.

This is another book that I bought to try and improve the way I clean house.
This is a good one. And it plays to my list-making obsessions. I even get to make little note cards for all sorts of shit! I bought note cards, wrote a few 100 of them out, and I think they're in the top of my closet now. Think I might keep this book around for when I get nostalgic and want a good laugh at my attempts. hehe

Bottom line is, I do NOT like to clean!! I clean our bedroom about once a wee, at least once every two weeks. Days later, it is a challenge to see the floor on my side of the bed. Everything goes there!! I but cleaning products that I envision making my life a magical land of cleanliness. Heck I've even considered channeling Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in a polka dot dress and apron with a smart cocktail awaiting the hubby when he walks through the door to a pristine house and shiny clean kids. Instead, he gets me sipping on a cocktail and asking if he wants to try some of mine, kids yelling at each other that the OTHER one didn't finish cleaning the kitchen yesterday, dog shit in the front room, and he's lucky if I've worked in time to my day to get fully dressed and hair coiffed perfectly and don't scream at him to stop trying to cop a feel while I'm making the hamburger helper!!!

But I'm trying to get better. I'm doing my damnest to clean at least ONE room every day, even if it goes to shit later that night. Do any of you have any ideas for me?

Tomorrow I plan on starting a giveaway of my very own!!! I'm thinking about either a purse or a set of books..maybe BOTH!! Check back to find out more!!


Mary Moore said...

Wow...I've found my twin!!

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