Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Christmas Time Stop-By

Hey all, just so you know I'm chillin' with both families this week. I haven't even opened my reader (I'm a little scared truth be told) to see how many posts await my reading eyes. We've had a decent time so far.

Sad news is it looks like I'll be going down South to help out my parents in the jam they're currently in. I need to help get their house on the market and get them relocated (probably back up to live with us for some time). So that's been incredibly stressful, but I'm trying to maintain a good balance and simply enjoy the times we're with all the other family members.

The kids have been getting loads of good things from all the relatives, so much so that I have to totally unpack the trunk of the car and rearrange everything in order to be able to get it all back home. Ugh!! So much fun.

I DID have a blast "playing Mrs. Claus" and am thinking about going around to some local libraries and hospitals to see about doing some reading to the little ones next year while donning my costumed apparel.

Be well friends and I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!!!


The Stiletto Mom said...

Belated Merry Christmas and safe travels Dorsey!

Mary Moore said...

Hope everything works out well for you and your parents! Take care.

Susan said...

Good luck with everything... will keep an eye out for your updates!

Danielle said...

Your parents are in my prayers! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your parents' problems. I am local to you so if I can help in any way... I'll come and help.
I have the next week or so off.

Katie said...

Me too, we just got back last night and I'm finally cracking open my laptop. Good luck to your parents & enjoy your family.

Sabrae Carter said...

We went to Georgia and basked in the warm weather! ahhhhh

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