Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Memories 1987

Here's what is sadly going to be one of the last entries from my diary. I didn't want to re-print anything that put any of my family members in a poor light, and given that apparently I was your average 11-13 yr old and pretty much couldn't STAND my parents, that limits the possible choices.

So here's looking back to my 2nd every entry into this diary:

December 25, 1987


It may be 1:00AM but it's CHRISTMAS! Did you know I LOVED Elvis Presley? Well, I do! OH, is he a hunk! Him & Tom Selleck & Kirk Cameron are at the top of MY List! I'm watching some weird movie about the Pilgrims! Its ok I guess. Well, I promised you I'd tell you what else I got for Christmas!! I got you, a card file, a desk organizer, an Elvis Presley tape (Christmas one), a jewelry box, & a gorgious music box! I'm sure I'll have tons of fun today. I guess I'll write in ya tomorrow!

Dorsey G.C.


A little more for the record, YES at the time I knew Elvis had "left the building" but I still thought he was a HOTTIE!!! (Young Elvis) And I know I spelled gorgeous wrong, but I kept to my word and typed it just as it was written. hehe No changing of typos. Although I'm really wondering what was up with all the organizational gifts, was my mother REALLY thinking she'd get me to keep my room cleaner by buying me these things for Christmas? Go figure?!

Here's a picture of said diary..hehe You'll note all the "I love Jason" references scribbled about the front and back cover.


Katie said...

I like how everything is "Private Property", but then "I love Jason" is plastered on every free inch of space. :) I think we had the same handwriting as 12 year olds!!

liz said...

Weren't we innocent back then? I think my jewelry box and music box were a combo, but try giving anything like that to your daughter today!!!

Susan said...

I'm cracking up. And my brother and sister in law are buying my daughter a diary with a lock. I said perfect! Then I can spy. They reminded me of the lock. Uh, hello??? Can you say "bobby pin"????

beth said...

Every diary has the words 'Keep Out' and 'Stay Away' as if we all knew there were hoards of people fighting to read our every thought.

Lisa said...

too cute... you were young and i think your parents would understand. lol. i'm sure they knew you hated them. ;)

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