Wednesday, December 10, 2008

But does it REALLY work?!?!

So I'm trying SlimQuick currently. I'm on day three of the "cleanse" program. So far, so good. I weighed the first day before I started it and am not going to weigh again until the end of the 7-day cycle. Hence far, I'm wondering if its not very similar to Alli...which I know those side effects. Ugh and YUCK!!

Here's a picture the boy took of me just last week.

Its not a particularly telling photo, as its not a full body shot...then again judging from my demeanor and positioning I'd wager that I'm working on sewing something at the time. And since I'm making purses for several holiday gifts, that's ENTIRELY possible!!!

On another note, my parents are here again. They recently went on a vacation in an RV and drove all over from South Texas to Northwest Arkansas. So on the way back through Mother decided she couldn't go through the area and not hug her babies. So they stopped in and are spending a couple of nights. It works out for me and the kids as I LOVE having them visit more often.
While they're here I'm trying to see about hooking my Dad up with some local headhunters in the oilfield industry. Its going to be a tough call given the current state of that market, but I'm hopeful that we can get at least a couple of leads. He's really interested in doing consulting, and given that he's been in the industry for 30+ years I believe that gives him quite a wealth of knowledge in the field.

So I think I'll try and post at least two new posts every time I do so. One will be from the diary saga aptly nicknamed "View from a Victoria Vixen" by one of my loyal readers. The other will be normal blogging from my own insights and continued weight loss struggles and triumphs.

More to come...


Susan said...

Ok, I'm all intrigued by the Slim fast cleanse... cleanse? Or shakes and bars and a real meal??? Intrigued and very curious. PS... I'm awarding you with an Honest Blog Award - gotta come get it. Thanks for seriously always being so real in your posts. I love that about you.

Leon Basin said...

Probably not. I don't think any of those diets work.

Lisa said...

Good luck with the slim fast sweetie. I think you're beautiful and will no matter how successful it is. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

Sabrae said...

well i think you are a cutie!!! :)

Christine said...

I'm lovin that you are using my title LMAO. By the way I've sworn off any remote thought of diet until January 1st...More power to you.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time with your parents!
p.s. I went back to work, so though I think of you, I never have time!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Good luck with the cleanse! I've never been strong enough to get through one!

Shout out to you tomorrow/late tonight on my blog....time to talk about that shoegasm you asked about. :)

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