Monday, December 15, 2008

At a loss for words

Ok, this time off thing over the weekend seems to be a forming habit of mine. I tried to get online a couple of times, but apparently our WiFi decided to take the weekend off as well, and I just didn't have the proper motivation to fix it myself.

So for the last, oh...five or so days, I've been without my cell phone. And all because I didn't plug it in to charge and then put it down SOMEWHERE (which I cannot remember right now). So my phone is hiding somewhere in my house. And obviously I can't simply call it an listen for the ring, as its out of juice and won't ring. Ugh! So I'm cut off from my cellular world for the time being.

And as many of you others have been doing, I've been shopping a lot lately, mostly for other people. But in my shopping I've been by Lane Bryant more than a time or two (usually looking for something for myself). I was visiting with some of my favorite associates there and they informed me that they've had a horrible time keeping good workers around. I commented that I've THOUGHT about going back to work. The girl smiled and said "OOO! Could you start tonight?! hehe" I told her that I was more or less thinking about something part time, and wouldn't be interested in starting until January. So she sent me off with an application. I went home, talked to hubby about it, and he agreed. Today I dropped off the application and talked with one of the managers. It would not be a lot of hours, but it would be something better than not working at all. And it comes with a BIG discount on merchandise!! hehehe

I've recently received a few awards from folks, and I promise to get online again either tonight or tomorrow and address those.

Happy holidays, friends!


Annie said...

I hate losing my cell phone! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with the new job possiblity!

Sandi said...

I hate losing my cell phone like that! Oh and I really actually have been thinking of getting a job too.

Danifer said...

A new job is an exciting thing, even if it is part-time. Look at all the possibilities of change in your life.

I hope you find your phone (sometime before the New Year - lol)

Noah's Mommy said...

and you are SOOo smart to wait until after the holidays...otherwise you'd probably quit the first day....

liz said...

You? At a loss for words??? I'm surprised that phone isn't looking for you!!!

Part time work is the best . . . never fall for the full-time trap.

The Nice One said...

Are you working at the one up in Allen? Or is there one at Fire Wheel?
Nonetheless, congrats!!!

Dawn said...

That's so cool you found a part-time job at a place you love! :)

I hope you find your phone soon. I'd be in a panic!

Susan said...

No cell phone AND no computer?? Holy shit. The only thing worse than that would be no WINE!! on the job! I always say my dream job would be TARGET since I live there. Seriously.

Lisa said...

You lost me at discount. ;)

Good for you.

CeeCee said...

Great news!

Here's hoping that have a little bit left over after you spend your discount... hehe

No cell and no internet.. sounds like you went back to the 80's. Did you blowdry your hair straight into the air and then freeze it there with heavy duty hairspray?

M said...

Lane Bryant is a good place to work, if you are at a good store. The discount is awesome!

My husband worked at the Irving store (gone) part-time so I could have a discount. He was a hit and some women would only shop on days he worked. Now it is so hard to shop there knowing I no longer have a discount. :( Oh well. I still buy their stuff.

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