Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A 12 yr old's big night

As previously teased, I've decided to crack open my diary from when I was 12 yrs old. I'm going to write this EXACTLY as it was written all those years ago. So before I start, let me explain something. I called my diary "Susie". I'm not sure why, but perhaps it seemed less corny to me to be writing to "Susie" instead of "diary". Anyway...here you go:

December 31, 1987
Dear Susie,

I had a blast last night! (The last night before New Year's) I went on a blind date set up by my parents! (actually I think it was Mom and Karen!) I know you'd think he'd be a geek-a-roo but her really wasn't! His name is Jason he has brown hair, dark eyes, tall, (he's what you'd call tall, dark, and handsome!) he's partially Kicker & oooo so fine! We danced at a country dance place & had soo much fun we got to know each other & his fav. subject is History (maybe he can tutor me!) Ha! Ha! My head comes up to about his shoulder - maybe higher! He's sweet as can be & very polite! When I said I'd never find another Dwayne I was wrong! This guy's more than just a Dwayne! He's probably coming up for Spring Break! He said he'd bug his parents about it until they came. Well bye for now.

In Love,



So there you have it...the first of many reminiscences to come, I'm sure. After looking through it it would appear I was quick to fall "in love" with just about every guy that crossed my path! ha!!


Susan said...

Ok, the ONLY difference in writing back then compared to today is instead of HA HA, you now love to say HE HE. Funny! And I LOVE how you nicknamed it Susie!

Tenakim said...

I also think the transition from ha ha to he he is hilarious!

Rubicon Mom AKA. Rubi said...

This is too funny! I'm just getting caught back up on your blog! Sorry I haven't been around... seems like we both took a blogger hiatus at the same time!

Dawn said...

Okay, maybe I'm the only one to catch this so far BUT your mom set you up a blind date when you were 12?!?!? LOL

And, I still say Ha Ha... I guess that shows my age!

Katie said...

I love how every sentence ends with an exclaimation point! You're so excited about every detail of Jason! You are so in love! It's adorable!

Lisa said...

You were allowed to date at 12?! Lucky you!!!!!

This is very cute. It's funny to read how awestruck we were for boys when we were little girls. :)

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