Thursday, May 21, 2009

How a Wii game brought me to my knees...

So years ago when I was in Jr. High school I was put on the track team. I begged to be put on the hurdling team and could sprint the crap out of ANYONE else on the team!!! But they said I "jumped wrong" over the hurdle. WTF?!?! I cleared it didn't I? So I was put on the relay team. I trained with everyone, and part of our group training was long distance running, at which I SUCKED!!! Even then when I had about 6% body fat and looked SMOKIN' hot!! heheI just didn't have the endurance I needed to run long distance. So the day of the track meet comes up and I head to the high school with the rest of the team. We're all getting warmed up and its our turn up for relays. We had to do one lap around the track on each heat...I took off like a bullet and we came in first! I was third to run, not starting, not anchor...not bad. I finished that race and was jazzed!! Then the coach told me I was up for the race after next. What?!? That's the long distance race? EIGHT times around the track?!?! Um, WHEN did I agre to THIS?!?! So I ran it...and heaved...and finished it...LAST! When I crossed the finish line I dropped to my knees. I thought I would DIE right there on the track! My sides hurt, my chest hurt, and I was sure I'd never walk again, much less run. That ended my track career right then and there.

Fast forward to yesterday...I went out and got my copy of EA Active and thought it would be a really cool way to beef up my lacking workout routine. I put it in the Wii and started it up. Before I even got to the workouts I was liking this more and more than Wii Fit. I was able to put in my own weight (I didn't lie and went with what I'd weighed that morning), AND I picked how my character looked!! No ballooning Mii for Mommii!! hehe And I was VERY encouraged when I stepped on the balance board and it didn't say "Oh my!" I started the workout with walking, then it asked me to run. Aw shit! I'm screwed!! I got through that and did pretty wll on the other exercises. But when it got BACK to running again, I thought I was going to DIE! I swear I had flashbacks to that jr. high track meet when I just wanted to finish the race and then be measured for my coffin. I noticed my vision started to blur half way through the run, though that MIGHT have been because I was tearing up and beginning to cry. I'm SO happy no one was there to see me, point, and snicker at my increasingly evident shortcomings.

I finished the workout and was intent that if I DO stick with this it will DEFINITELY help me reach my goals!! And I do have to say I enjoyed the workout better than Wii Fit. Even today when I went back to it. I was still sweating up a storm within the first five minutes, but that's what I needed to do!!! I'm confident that sticking with this as a routine every day and sucking down the gallons of water that I crave after each workout session will have me dancing on poles in no time...ahem, I mean looking svelte and sophisticated very soon. =)

I still haven't found my perfect car, but I have several different salespeople out looking for me. And they all know that I'm serious and have TIME to make a decision. So I will continue to shop.


Natalie said...

hummmm, i think i would like this so much better than the wii fit. guess i will see about getting one!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

This Wii stuff is interesting. I didn't know there was anything out there but Wii fitness. So the Wii EA (or was it AE?) I will have to check out. Whatever it is, if it's burning calories, it's got to be good. At least for a while!

Alison said...

I know exactly how you feel. I bought Wii Active the day it came out and I have not missed one scheduled workout on the 30 day challenge. My nonexistent workout routine has completely changed because I love this "game". I even find myself suggesting to do other physical activities now, when I used to have to be bribed.

Jen said...

My husband just bought this for us a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to try the 30 day challenge feature on it. From what I could see, it seems way better than the Wii Fit.

And that "oh my" sound it makes when you get on for your body test is extremely annoying!!

Just me said...

Hey Dorsey! Great job on the exercise! You're showing me up!!
Great story about your track days:) Mine weren't much better if it makes you feel better;) I used to throw the shot put and made the regionals, barely! LOL Couldn't throw a javolin to save my life! Probably saved someone elses though!! ROFL!

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