Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving a little slower today

Well, I'm not gallivanting about town this morning for sure!! This weekend we headed out to the in-laws and got about 1/2 way there when the car's transmission went OUT!!! Ugh! So we called a good friend to come pick us all up and bring us back home, called the in-laws with our regrets, and planned for how we were going to get the car home/to the shop. Kyle ended up buying a $100 tow chain and I got to tow him down I-20, I-635, I-30, and then home the back way. Ugh for sure!! I was SOO stressed pulling the car home and dealing with the assholes that felt the need to flip me off because I was only going 40MPH on the interstate. I'm in the right lane d**khead!! Go around me!!

This morning we get the call from the shop with the diagnosis. Yep, needs new transmission. This means about $1900 out the door and to the mechanic. Ouch!! Hubby called and told me to be frugal, which I guess is his nice way of saying "Don't go shopping/spend any money!"

I AM going tomorrow and getting a copy of EA Active for the Wii though...but I have CASH! So no need to charge that. I first really got interested in it when I saw Sammy, aka Alison Sweeney, showing it to Ellen and talking about how this is what she's using to get her baby weight off and get back into shape. It looks a little more intensive than Wii Fit and I certainly am glad to find something else to do. And this "game" has running, kickboxing, a 30-Day challenge, and lots of other activities. And I like that it has a leg strap so you have a place to put the nunchuck that can gauge when you're running and such a little better. Looking forward to it! And thanks to Renee for confirming it comes out tomorrow for me!

Well, I'm off to clean the house and stay away from shopping. hehe


Anonymous said...

Me and you both girl. Let's have a stay away from SHOPPING club! lol
I am sorry about your car and the d-heads.
Life is good here. I need to catch up on a bunch of posts.

Hugs & blessings,

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