Friday, May 15, 2009

New paths and old beginnings

I am happy to report that I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend!! We played in the water, drank our adult beverages, and soaked up all the sun we could. I took lots of pictures, but as per the request of some of my loved ones, I've decided not to post some of them. I can't see the harm in several of them, but then again..I don't want to step on anyone's toes with my actions either. Here's one of my son that seems to sum up the relaxation just perfectly!

One night we all sat in a semi-circle just a matter of yards from the water's edge and sang any song we could remember at least one verse of and danced around about the beachy area. My mother was out for that evening, but for the rest of our time there she seemed to stay in her camper for the vast majority of the day. It did sadden me some. She was continuing on the same path she always had, over-doing it one evening/day just to throw herself into such a state that getting out of bed before afternoon became near unbearable.

I've been doing well with my dieting efforts lately. The weight isn't falling off by any conjuring of the imagination, but it IS coming off. Slow but sure wins this race, right?

I have wondered here lately, with some of my dealings with several people in my life over these 34+ years, what makes people seemingly pigeonhole themselves into distinct categories. Do you know someone who constantly seems to be the victim? Another who is always smiling and trying to keep the peace? Another who naturally takes on a parenting role? The pot-stirrer? The drama starter? The wise one who merely sits back and observes but has the advice of the ages in their eyes?

I feel fortunate to have, at one point or another, come into contact with all of these types. And I consider myself fortunate because without all these various types (and more) coming through my life I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

I have taken up bowling with a wonderful group of moms. Now only afew of us ever clear 100, but we sure do have a hell of a lot of fun!! Here's a picture of this past week's enjoyable night out.

That's me in the middle on the bottom =)


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