Monday, April 6, 2009

Very TAKSing, indeed!

So this past weekend my hubby somehow managed to break my son's glasses. And I'll have you know the child is BLIND without them!! Ugh! So today, Tuesday, he has his Math TAKS test. And he is required to PASS this in order to continue on to the 9th grade. So I took him out of school yesterday to try and get him a new pair of glasses, even if they were sub-par frames and such. But unfortunately his prescription is too strong for anything to be done in about an hour. Everyone has to order them. So we were left with only a couple of options:

  • Keep him home from school
  • Have him attempt it "blind"
I managed to track down the home number of the school's counselor, and test coordinator for the campus, and talk to her about these options. The only problem with keeping him home is that we'd have to keep him home and unable to go up to the school all the way through this Saturday. So that wasn't going to work because they'll resume normal class instruction on Wednesday after the test was over. And of course I didn't want him missing any of that.

So we were stuck with the second option. But the counselor assured me that if he opened the testing booklet and couldn't even do one problem, then he could turn his test in and it would be coded as "other" then taken up. I made sure that this would not mean he'd failed and have any effect on his scheduling next year. He's been told not to just try and "soldier on" as is his usual way, but if it is seriously beginning to give him a headache or he just feels too uncomfortable attempting the test to SPEAK UP!

He took his iPod with him to school and was told he could probably just hang out in the library and listen to it if he couldn't complete everything as normal. (Obviously sitting quietly and reading a book isn't going to work out too well) But I did assure him and the school that he could always call me and I'd come get him and bring him home. I managed to convince the counselor that if they resumed normal classes this afternoon then I'd be happy to bring him back up there at that time, I just needed to be notified.

The counselor also told him that he could not be penalized in his regular classes for having difficulty with seeing his work. So his teachers should be giving him extra time, if he needs it, and just overall working with him during the time that he doesn't have the glasses. Luckily his frames are still under warranty, so they're just ordering another frame and when that comes in (a week to 10 days) he'll be back in action.

I'm doing alright overall, just wish this freaking cold weather would STOP!! I'm ready for SPRING weather!! Not freeze alerts in APRIL in TEXAS!!!!! Ugh! I'm even attempting to grow some veggies at home. I have planted cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, and jalapenos in several plants/pots. I had to move them all inside last night. Today I'm going to chance it and plant my flowers in the front flower beds and hope this ill-timed cold weather has bitten us for the last time this season.


Susan said...

Oh that poor kid! My anal type A++ personality daughter would be DISTRAUGHT. Holy crap. And yeah, we have snow here today. SUCKY.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Poor thing. Our son is the same. Although we don't have to worry about important tests at the moment. Not sure what I'd do in that case...cry?

Dorsey said...

He attempted 3 of the sample problems and threw in the towel, I picked him up from school about an hour ago.

Sally's World said...

Oh gosh, Aaron was always breaking his glasses, we knew all the receptionists, opticians and assistants like old freinds!!!

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