Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday

This Flashback Friday is dedicated to my son. Today he is 14 years old! He's grown into quite the little man. It only moderately pains me that he and I are almost the same height. hehe I'm personally looking forward to when he's 16, Whoop!! Can you say designated driver?!?! I'll be the envy of all my friends...hehe So here's to Josh.

Even with a room full of toys (including a ball pit just his size) he would run to the kitchen and find the toaster and pull it around the house...hence it became renamed his "toaster pull toy" - age 2

Chillin' on Lake Eufaula while we were on vacation - age 5

March 2009 - Josh moving the Cavalier (his future car) into the garage

Happy birthday, my boy!


Sally's World said...

Happy Birthday Josh...they grow so fast don't they, i treasure the good ole days when they were in my sight all the time...

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Happy birthday!!

A toaster? That's a first for me...

Phat Mama said...

He's adorable - Happy Birthday!

I found your blog while wandering & since I can relate with the inner skinny, decided to add you to my faves!

Laurie said...

awww! I hope he had a great birthday!

I hope you will come by and enter my iPod giveaway in support of my breast cancer walk. I am also having a local fundraiser. If you are free and like On the Border, you should come visit me :)

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