Monday, April 13, 2009

Photoshop is your friend?

So I went out and bought Photoshop Elements 7 at Fry's this past weekend, and am hoping to hone my skills at repairing photos in the coming year. So here's my first attempt. And yes that's a picture of me...hehe probably on a boat on the lake when I was around 8 or so.


And after I toyed around with my fixin' skills

I have another picture that I am desperate to fix the color on, but have yet to figure out how to do so. But if anyone has any helpful hints for me, BRING them on, please!! dorseybell(at)gmail(dot)com


carla said...

man photoshop is SO confusing to me.

definitely NOT my gift.

Shannon said...

I've been playing with your photo and I used a warming filter as well as used an adjustment layer to filter out some the blues and greens. Just a thought.

Susan said...

I am so dying to buy photoshop. I have been biting at the seams to get it and play around!!

Can you write comments on pics and use arrows etc??? That's what I SO WANT TO DO!

And by the way, I thought the pic of the pirates was a relative you knew on a ship overseas getting attacked by the pirates on the news these days. Thank goodness!

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