Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wii will beat this!

We got the Wii back a couple of weeks ago. Today I got the balance board working and got to try out the Wii Fit Plus game. Can I just say I LOVE this game! The added "games" are super cute!! I have yet to try out the personalized workout, but plan on giving that a shot tomorrow. I think I'll do Wii Fit every day for 30 minutes and then also do the EA Active on the scheduled days (two days on, one day off). I'm hoping that'll be enough to jump start me.

I did the body test on Wii Fit, and was pleased to see that I had not gained any in my time off of blogging. I enjoyed our Spring Break mini-vacay for sure!!! We went to my sister's/parents' and then spent some time with my in-laws. Overall we had a GREAT time and also got to see my sister and nephew break out their mad skills on Wii Fit at their house. I WISH I'd have taken video of my sister doing the Super Hula Hoop, it was HILARIOUS!!! Apparently it helps to twirl your hand above your head while hula hooping..hehehe

So I'd better get back to supper. Here's my stats for today:

1 cup hot tea with TruVia
1 apple

3/4 cup Seafood salad
Reduced fat crackers

1 cup frozen strawberries w/o sugar

Supper: Tuna Helper

35 minutes on Wii Fit Plus


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