Sunday, March 7, 2010

Car trouble, pretty weather, and annoying men...

So this whole weekend has been REALLY nice! The weather has been around the high 60s and so I've had the windows open and enjoyed the savings in not running the heater or air conditioner. I've taken a few walks about the neighborhood and am really feeling better all around!

We currently own three cars, yes three. One is a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup truck, one is a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, and lastly is the 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier. This last one was bought cheap to be the Hubby's work car as it used less gas than the truck when he was going to and from work. Of course, since getting the convertible THAT has become the new "work car" for him. The Cavalier has been out of commission and parked in the garage for some time now. For some reason it won't start. We've replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coils, and more...and still nothing. This car has been earmarked for the boy. Sure, its a piece of shit, but its four wheels and so many young people DON'T have transportation upon turning 16. That having been said, I've told the boy that his dad (Hubby) is more likely to work on it if he (son) asks his dad (Hubby) to HELP him with the car. And since son's grades are less than stellar right now, and he can't get on the computer, this is really his only option for "something to do" on the weekends. They started working on the car yesterday. Today they think they have it narrowed down to the ignition module. So the saga continues... The boy turns 15 April 3rd and is hoping to have the care running by then so he can practice in the car he'll be driving. I'm just hoping the weather holds out.

Lately my husband has decided that he wants to have some fun annoying me. and the object of this annoyance is his facial hair. He's one of those guys that can grow a full on beard in a week easy. And he's had a full beard since early fall. But he decided that it was getting too itchy, the weather was warming up, and he wanted to shave it. But instead of just shaving down to a mustache (my personal preference)..he's on a hair crusade. Here's a visual:

Starting with the beard

His words: "Phase 1 of driving the wife crazy. Next phase is likely removing the thin sideburns. Suggestions?

Again his words..."Phase 2, removing the mustache 'Hetfield Light' is complete. Thanks for the suggestion, Dave!"

He knows I detest a goatee on him and now he's thinking about transitioning from a goatee to a soul patch...Ugh!! Yikes! If he were a heavier sleeper I'd shave it in his sleep!! He's posting these pictures on Facebook and asking his friends for suggestions on what he should do next. I guess my only solace is knowing that in a week's time this little "experiment" will be OVER!! Ugh!

This past week I DID send the Wii off for repairs, so hopefully it'll be back before the end of the month and I'll be able to resume Wii workouts too!!

I haven't weighed in today, likely will tomorrow. Happy dieting friends!


WizzyTheStick said...

Hilarious! My husband occasionally does this too. The moustache with the long handle bars hanging down - no beard, I like to call his Biker look. I HATE IT.

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