Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To anime or not to anime....

Alright, this is NOT about weight loss, but rather something I'm seeking some advice on.

Last night my daughter (currently 12 yrs old) asked if I could help her put together an anime outfit for a friend's birthday party. Her and her friends have been into anime for a while. She watches it on you tube ALL THE TIME! I always laugh since she has to be able to hear it, even though it is all subtitled and spoken in Japanese (and no, she doesn't speak Japanese or understand it...she reads the whole darn thing).

So I start thinking, sure! Its a cute idea for a costume party. Then when the hubby comes home she tells him that they will go on from the friend's house to an anime convention in Dallas. THIS made me stop for a second. I would post pictures I've seen of other anime convention goers, but they are SO NSFW (not safe for work)!!

So my question is, am I just being overprotective by thinking it is not such a good idea to take a bunch of 13 yr old girls all dressed up (and mind you my daughter HAS been mistaken for a high school and/or college-aged girl before) to an anime convention?


Hello and thanks for stoppin by! said...

Call me a prude but my 16 year old isn't allowed to go to those conventions! Not all anime is G and these conventions bring ALL types. So my answer toyour questions is nope you are not being overly protective not wanting her to go. ;-)

Madame Lefty said...
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Madame Lefty said...

(Sorry for deleting the previous comment-had to fix a major typo.)

Well, having formerly dated a guy that was into anime, I can give you a somewhat unbiased opinion. (Since I don't know what you do or don't know about anime, forgive me if I tell you the obvious.)

A-Kon in Dallas is one of the biggest anime conventions in Texas and maybe the US.

It's true all types of people will go there in all types of outfits. Some scandalous, some not so scandalous.

Honestly, it should be ok, provided that the supervision is someone you trust. Otherwise, I wouldn't let her go. (Imagine lots of nerdy guys and happy eccentric people.)

You also have to be straightforward with her and say if you go, you should avoid any unsavory characters and half naked chicks, because you're still a lady, not a pirate-even if you're dressed as an anime character.

I agree Anime can be very cute, but just like music, there's the cute (Taylor Swift) and not so cute - rappers demeaning women.

Again, if you don't trust the adult in charge, don't let her go. That's really the deal breaker that will determine the trouble she can get into.

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