Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh my aching legs!!

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day here!!! The sun was out, there was a slight breeze, and temperature was cozy (not too cold, not too hot). It wasn't the perfect day, temperature-wise, but it was pretty close. So I went to early service at church and after Sunday school decided my plan for the day. I sat in Chili's eating a nice salad and figured I'd go for a brisk walk for my exercise for the day and then wash the convertible (it has REALLY needed it).

I got home, changed clothes, and then decided I needed to recruit others to join me. It was easy convincing the dog, she's ALWAYS willing to leave the house. Hubby thought it was a good idea, but wanted to shower, grab a bite to eat, and change clothes first. My daughter was ready and willing to get out of the house (and skirt any chance of having to clean anything). My son decided to stay home and pick up stuff around here rather than walk with us. No biggie, I figured at much.

So off we went. I had already planned our route in advance. We were going to walk to the skate park. I did NOT plan that this would be quite an undertaking. The distance is about a mile and a half. When we'd gotten in front of the middle schools (somewhere around 1/2 of the distance) I could feel my hips and upper thighs SCREAMING at me. They were pleading with me to STOP! GO HOME! END THIS INSANITY! But I kept on. Granted, I would slow down and keep up the back area of our little group from time to time. I felt what was important to consider though was that I kept going!! My husband would pick on me for slowing, but I just took that opportunity to remind him that my pace was not what he should be concentrating on, rather the fact that I was determined to complete this walk. And finish I did!!

We made it to the skate park, sat down to rest, and take in the show the local boys were putting on. I think they might have thought my daughter was about 16-17 years old, as they seemed to stay in her line of sight most of the time and tried to pull out their best tricks. hehe One of them even said to one of the younger boys, "Here, I'll show you how its done." My dear dog appreciated the rest as well. She sat in my lap and just relaxed for a few minutes before demanding we give her some love through scratchings.

After a short break we made our way back home. It might have taken a little longer to get to the house than we'd anticipated, but no worries. No need to call the boy and have him drive the car down to pick us up. hehe We got home and remedied the only regret I had throughout the whole trip. I'd forgotten to bring any water and the fountains at the skate park were not working. We all drank plenty of water and got rehydrated. Then we decided to play some board games. We played Settlers of Catan and then Uno to cap off the afternoon.

I made spaghetti for supper and then the Hubby and I took in some TV and were off to sleep around 9:30pm or so. A little earlier than normal, but we'd REALLY been tuckered out on our walk. So all in all, I'd do the same walk again, but next time I'll REMEMBER the water!!


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