Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Little Things

Well, I've had one week of a small gain and one week of a loss. I'm not at even, so I'm quite pleased. I can probably trace back why I had both the success and the moderate "failure," which doesn't make it a failure at all, I suppose.

Yesterday, I worked out twice. Once at home with the xBox 360 Kinect (Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012) and then again at the local rec center. I woke up this morning and was incredibly sore!! I guess usually I would have let that stop me from doing any more activity today, but I sucked it up and went upstairs for another Kinect session this morning. I DO feel slightly better having done so, and I know the soreness will work its way out in time.

 So I sat here, writing my workout and foods down, as hubby jotted off to lunch with a co-worker and thought I'd paint my nails. I chose a bright "hot pink" color as it is indicative of my mood today. I'm happy!

I'm making progress and taking stock of the little things that lift my spirits. The paint on my nails will also help serve as a reminder. When I'm  at the gym, or contemplating skipping my workout altogether, I can look at my hands with their jovial color and remember how I felt today. I like this feeling and I KNOW I'll want to repeat it. 

Isn't it interesting how something so minor as lacquer on fingernails can inspire and keep motivation humming?  Here's to the little things!!


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