Thursday, April 4, 2013


Who doesn't love getting rewards? There are so many things we do for ourselves and others, just because. But every now and then, rewarding ourselves for magnificent efforts is a GREAT motivator!!

I've told you about my FitBook, but today I want to go into more detail. This thing has been GREAT!!!! 

This is the page where I first addressed rewards in my FitBook. You can make as many goals as you want. The first week I made FAR TOO MANY goals. The next week I scaled it down to a much more reasonable amount. I've yet to cash in on a reward, but this week is looking promising! =) 

When thinking about rewards, you have to be careful. Initially I thought I'd put my reward as a Slurpee from 7-11. Then I thought about the health benefits of that...which of course, are NONE. So I chose instead to interject a little pampering. This week's reward? A facial at a local spa/salon. I got one in January and it was.....FANTASTIC!!!! 

I'm thinking of continuing this trend with my rewards. Each new reward will be a little bit of self-pampering. Maybe a movie, trip to Ulta (my FAVORITE makeup/perfume stop), spa trip, massage, maybe a new PC or xBox game, etc.... Any suggestions?

This is what the wrap up looks like:

I have chosen to go ahead and write down little notes in the margins of the daily pages. Some of them pertain to my mood that day, others are frustrations, etc. I think it will help me overall. 

I've also joined a group on Facebook lately that has a monetary incentive. The reward there is cold hard cash!! You put in $10 and then have a weekly weight in. The person with the most weight lost (percentages) wins the pot! Yay!! 

Do you have a reward that works best for you? Good luck friends!


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