Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tummy troubles...

I'll try not to be too graphic here, but I KNOW someone out there in the big bad blogosphere must know what I'm talking about. Every since I started dieting/moving towards a healthier lifestyle my stomach seems to be EXTREMELY sensitive!

For the record, I LOVE a good steak! And my husband cooks a GREAT steak! But if I eat more than 3-4 oz of steak I am in the bathroom all night!! I have to take anti-gas pills a couple of times if I touch broccoli. If I happen to enjoy a nice hamburger its as if I'd have eaten my steak and that of every one else at the table. And beans...let's just NOT go there.

Now I'm aware the an aging stomach can come with complications, and having extra weight on me makes me physiologically-speaking older than my numerical years, but come on people!! It seems that years ago when I was far less concerned about my expanding waistline and food choices, I was not plagued with these maladies.

Just yesterday I enjoyed some broccoli in a buffalo chicken salad I'd made at home. Both of my children decided to spend the night elsewhere, so it was just me and the hubby. I'd been feeling pretty well most of the day, and had taken some anti-gas meds earlier in the day. I thought my worries had been thwarted. So hubbs and I headed upstairs to watch some TV (Netflix) and enjoy the evening after having some homemade pizza for supper (buffalo chicken and pepperoni-2 different pizzas, I also fed the 16 yr old boy I call my son...hehe). I'd only had about 3 pieces of pizza and again, things seemed to be going well. I struggled to keep my eyes open through three episodes of a miniseries we'd chosen to watch (it was very interesting, but I'd been busy all day and was fading quickly).

We came down to bed around 10:30pm and I was ready to call it a day. Shortly after beginning a rerun of Two and a Half Men, the Hubby starts to make his move. He was somewhat upset that we hadn't gotten frisky upstairs, seeing as how we were alone in the house and not restricted to fooling around behind a locked door. I was just too tired! I'd cleaned, exercised, and done some med trans that day and crammed a lot of activity into my awakened hours. I would have been happy to oblige his requests had I simply laid around and watched TV all day without barely lifting a finger to put the house back together. Then I went to the bathroom. Sadly it was not just that last pee before bed, this was somewhat of a matter with a definite purpose being conveyed to me with some urgency by my stomach. I proceeded to make three trips to the "little girls' room" in just about 15 minutes. I took some more anti-gas pills and went to bed. Hubby asked what was wrong and I simply whimpered, "My tummy isn't feeling so great." He didn't try and make any more moves.This certainly was not helping me get in "the mood" for ANYONE and I think he got the nonverbal message. I'd hoped my ails were gone for the day/night. I woke up a couple of times in the night, but just to get rid of the water I'd drank to try and rehydrate myself right before bed and after the multiple trips to the bathroom.

This morning I awoke for what I determined to be the final time around 6:00am. I went to the kitchen and knowing my previous night's tummy troubles, decided to have a glass of tea this morning in lieu of milk. Dairy is NOT my friend after a rough tummy night. I proceeded to make three trips to the bathroom in quick succession. Again, my butt is ON FIRE! What the heck!?!? You'd have thought I ate 3 steaks, topped with bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, and finished it off with a big helping of beans and steamed broccoli. So today I'm sticking to a bland diet of lots of water and plain sandwiches. I'd wanted to make some Étouffée or Jambalaya for supper, but I think I might have to pass.

Am I doomed to eat a bland diet for the rest of whatever unless I team it up with large servings of anti-diarrhea and anti-gas meds? OR should I just pour me a pretty pink glass of Pepto every time I choose to enjoy one of the "no-no foods?"


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