Thursday, July 21, 2011

End of a season, beginning of the next...

Next week (and this weekend) is the last trip the kids and I will be taking this summer. I wasLinkable to lose ONE pound over the previous vacation, which isn't too bad considering my limited ability to do significant exercise on a boat on the dock or while at Hubby's dad's house where there's stray dogs everywhere (hence making it difficult to go for walks). So on august 1st, our Summer season will have come to a close and it will be time to move on.

The bad thing is the season which is creeping in on my happy summer. Allergy season! (at least, for me) Ragweed season is seeming to be getting an early start this year, which is no surprise given the fact that it has been SO hot this year in our area. I've been sniffling and rubbing my eyes/nose since we were in Oklahoma the first week of July. I know due to some bloating and general stuffiness associated with allergies it makes it harder to lose weight. So I'm planning to step up my efforts and swim for 1 hour and work out at the rec center for another hour. The pool will only be open for about another month and then its bye-bye swim time! I'm debating adding more Kinect time once the pool closes. Man, I wish the rec center had a pool!!

So hard work is ahead, but there's nothing worth getting that isn't worth working hard for.


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