Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How do I get my groove back?

Its been about a week since my last workout. Last week was a tough one. My grandmother passed away and it hit me harder than I originally thought it would. I haven't been eating lots of junk food to comfort me, I've never really been an emotional eater. But tonight I am getting back on track and back into my workout routine. I'm quite sure it'll be difficult and my muscles will be screaming out to me by the end of it, but I must continue if I want to get to a healthier place in my life.

In the near future I'm looking forward to many celebrations! My son's 16th birthday is just around the corner. My daughter's confirmation at church is just about a month away. My family's annual mother's day camping trip is coming up soon. And then my daughter's birthday and the end of another school year. Things are moving pretty fast this year and I'm confident that if I work hard and keep the faith in my workouts, I can run fast enough to keep up!

Be well friends!


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