Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Butt Kickin' Workouts

So my latest foray into the wonderful world of workouts has been EA Active 2 for the xBox 360 with Kinect. I figured I managed pretty well with the original EA Active for the Wii, this shouldn't be too much more intensive. I WAS WRONG!!!

I am fully appreciative of the increased workout I'm getting, don't get me wrong. This game is kickin' my butt!!! I'm on day two of the workouts, and both days I've downed 2 bottles of water just during the course of the 20-23 minutes of the exercising routines. I'm hopeful that this game will also motivate my posterior to lose a few inches as well. Ha!

I've been watching what I'm eating much better lately as well. This year for lent I was originally going to give up Cokes, but my husband pointed out to me last night that I don't drink that many of them to begin with. So I think instead I will be giving up drive-thru fast food. This will be pretty difficult to accomplish, but with good planning I think I can pull it off even with several small trips coming up.

Be well, friends!


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