Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out of town, but not out of touch

So this weekend I found out that my grandmother's health was looking less than pleasant. So I decided (hubby and I decided) that I'd take a little road trip down South to visit with her. I've been keeping up with a food journal with the help of the Lose It app on my iTouch.

I don't have my Wii or xBox Kinect with me down here, so today after I had lunch in the park I decided to take a nice long walk around the park. It was wonderfully relaxing and the weather couldn't have been better!! The only downside is I completely forgot about the fact that I had a tank top on and NO SUNSCREEN. Ugh! So I'm a little sunburned, but I'm not going to sweat it, guess it just means I'm starting to get some color on my shoulders a little earlier this year. hehehe

I'm planning on going back over and visiting with my grandmother, aunts, and uncle tomorrow and probably Friday. I'm so happy that I took the opportunity to make this trip! It's truly been a wonderful experience so far!


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