Thursday, October 1, 2009

One rung at a time...

Weight loss is a tricky thing. I think any of us that have set out on this venture have made the maiden voyage a hundred times over!! We keep promising ourselves this time will be different, yet we continue with our insanity.

In recent days I have discovered that our Wii is broken. It won't turn on at all. I haven't taken the time to fix it, I've just redirected my energy into studying and finishing up my medical transcription course that much sooner. This weekend I won't be doing any tech support with it either. We're going out of town so the hubby and son can hunt and I can just get away from all this craziness that lives in this house, at least for a couple of days. I know having the Wii out of commission is stopping me from getting back to EA Active challenges, but it doesn't have to stop me from exercising on a whole.

We have several tools at my disposal to use to exercise (a nice neighborhood to walk in, a treadmill, weights, chairs, resistance band, etc...). So in the Wii's downtime I guess I'm just going to exercise the good old-fashioned way...without the help of a video game. hehe I know what you're thinking...I'm going to have to research how that's done, seems like ages since we didn't rely on something else to tell us how to do everything. hehe

I'm doing a better job right now controlling my portions. I haven't eaten BOTH Lean Pockets in one sitting (my son has, but I have not!). For lunch today I made myself some tuna salad and ate it with some salad crackers. I have just enough to fill me up, and then put the rest in the fridge, like a good dieter! hehe

The hubby will be out of town next week Monday through Friday if all goes as planned at work, so that's when it'll be especially hard to keep up the portion control and avoidance of fast foods, but I'm going to do my best to keep my goals in mind. This month, October, I want to lose 10 lbs. It doens't seem like that much, but considering my wedding anniversary is this month, as well as Halloween and all the parties that ensue because of such, it could get tricky again.

Thanks for all the support! Things are looking up in my little world. =)

**Side Note**
I got all my pictures and digital scrapbooking junk moved over to a regular desktop computer updatirs, so now I can relax in that way in peace without dealing with electronic narcoleptic fits.


Christine said...

Hang in honey...I know where you are coming from. It's all so challenging and such a long journey. Let me know if you need some tips...from JC I have learned SO MUCH..sort of survival tips if you will!!


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I'm sending all good thoughts and wishes to you.

The easiest advice a person can dispense is the advice they won't follow on their own. So I won't go there.

Amie said...

There you go again talking about the lean pockets :) Getting me hungry! I know it is great to have your husband gently nudging you (like you said, MUCH better than nagging) but why not focus next week on portion control yourself. Or... getting out there, just walking around the amount of time you would be on the Wii. I would focus on one of these things (not both) - it's about quality to me. And quality is ten lbs!


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