Monday, October 19, 2009

Let the transformation commence...

So out of necessity more than anything else, my children now have cell phones. Ugh! We got them for them on Friday and gave them the phones on Saturday as an early Christmas present. The funny thing is, it seems that ever since they've been on them almost non-stop! It was hilarious watching Hannah try to text with three people at once. Ha! I DID get them to turn them off for a bit yesterday, during church. I told them absolutely NO phones on at church!!! And thankfully, they adhered without any conflict.

On the weight loss front, things are going well. The Hubby went out of town last week, but I managed to behave myself and not eat out every night. hehe I've resumed exercising on the Wii with EA Active. But I have to be honest with you, its been more than two weeks since I even stepped on a scale. I'm thinking maybe this morning I'll brave that front. My clothes have been fitting a little better and so I'm not too nervous about what that little digital read-out will display, but any time you step on the scale when you know you're still vastly overweight is a little unnerving. I've been choosing water over most any other drink for a little over a month now, which will help for sure! Thanks for your continued support!

Well, it would seem that I'm drawing a blank for the time being, so I'll sign off and wtach Doogie Howser, M.D. on Hulu. Gotta love the internet! hehehe


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Trying to avoid the big cell phone purchase, I got a walkie-talkie for my kid. Unfortunately it goes "out of range" too often and I may end up having to bite the bullet. Ugh is right.

Congrats on the diet front. Keep it up!

Tenakim said...

the phone scares me- my 14 yr old has one, but the others are breathing down my neck!

Great job on the eating and working out- No scale is usually a good thing.

Susan said...

Just checking in on you since I've been someone negligent with regular blogging now that I'm back to work... as usual, I love catching up. I'm also coming to reality that I have GOT to get back on the bandwagon with exercising. UGH. It is such a frustrating road to start up again.

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