Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is that a light, or the business end of a train?

I've been here for some time now, and gotten a LOT done!! Over the past couple days we've had a few realtors come in and give their opinions on what still needs to be done in the house and what the fair market value would be of this lovely home. Yesterday e were told that we needed to fill in some of the crack in the cement around the pool and then we could easily paint the entire pool deck by ourselves with a cement paint. My dad and I got the supplies and proceeded to paint. WOW!! That was NOT easy!!! But here's part of the finished product. (Note, the white part around the pool is everything we painted).

Its a panoramic shot (three pix put together). I showed it to one of the realtors and she asked if I could send it to her and she'd use it for the shot they advertised with. Now, if only I could get PAID for some of this while I'm down here!! Ugh!!

I DO feel like we've gotten a load of stuff done, though. I'll put more pictures up in the coming days. Mother wants me to take pictures of the interior of the house tomorrow. She feels like I have a great camera and am good at capturing the right look of the rooms (light usage and such) and likely much better than the dinky cameras some of the realtors would bring in (note: the realtor commented that she had a "dinky camera" not me. hehe).

Mother has had 4 good days this week when she's been out of bed, eating MUCH better, and coping unmedicated much more. She still takes several of her meds, but she doesn't freak out quite as much if she's missed a dosage because we've been busy working around the house. Dad's been fantastic! He's been helping me out pretty much every day aound the house and yard. Usually he tires out quicker, but that's due mainly to age and health overall.

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers! Keep 'em coming! I am hoping to be heading home either Monday or Tuesday (Jan 12th or 13th). Hubby misses me, as do the kids...I think I've been too busy to think about it most of the time.

Be well friends! I try to check all of your new blog posts when I can, but inevitably I end up not doing so for several days and have to wade through 400+ posts. So if I haven't comments, worry not...I'm still around. Laters!


Tenakim said...

It is a beautiful place- good luck taking care of everything and returning home!

Dawn said...

I think it's wonderful that you are able to stay there and help them out like you are. I know they have to really appreciate it.

Your picture is great. You'll have to teach me how you put the three pictures together like that.

The Stiletto Mom said...

They are lucky to have you as a daughter! I'm sure you are ready to head home by now but what you are doing is so nice. You rawk!

Sabrae Carter said...

Maybe its the motivation that they need??? Sounds like it is doing wonders for them to be up and about actually working a bit?

Mommie Mayhem said...

Looks great !! Good job !

Danifer said...

Wow, how pretty! Good job. Have safe travels.

Susan said...

Amazing pool job. And great pic! Hope you travel home well.

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