Thursday, May 27, 2010


Every wonder what defines you in the eyes of other people? I have come to wonder this many times over the past few months. Am I defined by the fact that I'm a mother and wife? Am I defined by the fact that I do not have a job that pays money? Am I defined by the fact that I am an overweight woman? Am I defined by my house and home?

There are nine definitions found on when I searched the word woman. They are as follows:
1. the female human being (distinguished from man).

2. an adult female person.
3. a female attendant to a lady of rank.
4. a wife.
5. the nature, characteristics, or feelings often attributed to women; womanliness.
6. a sweetheart or paramour; mistress.
7. a female employee or representative: A woman from the real estate agency called.
8. a female person who cleans house, cooks, etc.; housekeeper: The woman will be in to clean today.
9. women collectively: Woman is no longer subordinate to man.

I have yet to start a regular exercise routine, though I have been waking my son and husband so that they can go run on a regular basis. Most mornings I wake up between 4:00am and 5:00am. I don't typically go back to bed and wait for the alarm to go off at either 6:00am or 7:00am. I wander upstairs, log onto the computer, and take care of miscellaneous activities there.

I do not want to be defined by my weight, yet I fear that it is more of an identifier in my life than the fact that I am a woman. I am making a promise to myself to do something about my current situation. To no longer worry about how other see me, but instead to change the way I see myself. Even when those pants I wear to work out in might be a little tighter than I'd prefer, and my shape does nothing to match the one on my screen when I exercise with EA Active, I will strive to be more. I will be more than an overweight individual, more than a woman, more than now while working to take up less space.


Sabrae Carter said...

You are defined thru yourself. Not how others precive you.

Flutterby Threads said...

It is so hard, I know. I haven't known you long enough to know much about your journey, but at least in mine, I was never overweight until I had my three kids in four years. I was pregnant most of that time, so it is only now that I am having to get to know this new body, overweight self, and everything that it means to me and to my life. Here's to doing something about it, and sticking to it! We can both do it!

Charli said...

Hi! I totally understand! I have a personal weight loss blog too and I also contribute to an online magazine. I needed a new goal to keep myself motivated so I started "100 Days to Better Health." We start tomorrow and end on 10-10-10! Check it out! Would love to know what you think and if you would like to join in! We all need encouragement!


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