Monday, September 28, 2009

Another day, another pound?

A I go through my daily routine in the fall, I try to motivate myself to include exercise in the motions of the day. I have fallen hort of this here of late. I am still FAR TOO overweight for my liking, and not losing anything much to write home about.

But I DO have support! I have friends and family who support me daily, I have a husband willing to do whatever I need to get me motivated and keep me there!! I should be having greater successes. But I think I'm jhust taking it all for granted. This week that is changing!!

I'm starting another 30-day challenge on the Wii EA Active. I'll let you know what all it requires me to do and if I'm having any great troubles or celebrations to speak of.

Thanks to all for hanging in there with me!


A Mom on Spin said...

I don't know why, but I can't work up enough desire to even think about losing weight anymore.

You are miles ahead of me!

kass09 said...

Hey Dorsey, I just wanted to tell you I really like your blog :o). I too have one I just started actually about my weight loss journey. In the last 9 months and 2wks I have lost 147lbs. Its been the BEST thing I have ever done :o). I just wanted to tell you how awesome it is to see others who have weight loss blogs too and urs is deff. awesome :o). My hope is to blog about loosing the last 32lbs and to inspire others with my story, because it CAN be done! Keep it up your doing awesome!

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