Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It always starts with step one

This is going to be my new journal in my weight loss journey. I'm going to divulge some information that I haven't to anyone in a LONG time!! My current weight is 267.25 lbs. My goal weight is 165 lbs. I've had some successes over the past years, but nothing too significant as to mention. I am choosing to make the decision to be a better me! I want to lose this weight for so many reasons!!! I'm worried about my health, my energy levels, and more. I would love to enjoy trying on clothes and not just pick what looks the "least bad" on me.

I'll be checking in here to track my progress and keep up with things in general. Recently I have gone through several of my cookbooks and made menus for our evening meals. I have every supper meal for July planned out. The recipes come from various sources (Pampered Chef Cookbooks, Weight Watchers Cookbook, online sources, and more). This is helping me more than I thought it would. I've passed by fast food restaurants this month and NOT STOPPED!! I know I have food at home and have chosen to eat at home with proper proportions instead of getting a quick fix handed to me through a car window.

This past weekend, Friday in particular, I was weighing in at 270.0 lbs. So I guess that is good news to report that I am down over two pounds. I have a short term goal of losing 6 lbs this month.


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