Thursday, August 2, 2012

P90x Dance?

No worries, there isn't a new P90x out there that everyone needs to rush out and buy. I'd just completed my workout that I missed yesterday (because I wasn't feeling well yesterday), which was Shoulders and Back, and Ab Ripper. But I wanted to stick with my alternate workouts as well. I wasn't really feeling the Wii today, so I took to the Kinect. I put in Dance Central 2 and tried out something I had failed to attempt before.

There is a fitness setting within the game. It includes several levels, and I started with "Warm-Up" (having never tried this before, I thought it best to start easy). This consists of 8 songs one right after the other. You don't have to pick a new song, it automatically progresses through the songs for you. This was a GREAT workout!! I think I might try and do the warm-up combined with other selections next week. I noticed quite a bit of moves that were similar to P90x moves (Plyometrics, Kenpo, etc...). It WAS hard to fully extend my arms, as I'd just finished working out my shoulders, but I did my best.

This was FAR more entertaining and the time passed quickly, as opposed to regular aerobics. I still worked up a sweat and got my heartbeat up, but without having to worry about someone annoyingly guiding me through everything. =)

Be well friends!


Lorie Smith said...

I LOVE the dance games on Kinect! AND it's always fun to switch up your workouts a bit! :-) Great job Ms. D!

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