Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I think I can...I think I can...

yes, yes I know!! I made a promise to blog more often and I totally dropped the ball! Ugh! Summer's are just near impossible!!!! Most of my time is spent chasing my kids around trying to get them to help clean the house, or telling them that there IS food in the kitchen and I'm NOT going to Wendy's or Chick-Fil-A to get them lunch because there's "nothing to eat here."

We've been on a vacation, sent the kids off to the relatives for visits, and had out fun around here. And all this while I've STILL been searching for a freaking job, to no avail!! I even applied at Target and never heard anything back. Ah well.

So the hubby talked to a friend of his that does medical transcription at home and she recommended a few schools that are online AND credible. I looked into them, found the one that wouldn't send us into financial ruin AND had job placement assistance, and signed up!! Yep, its back to school, sort of. I'm doing it all online and hopefully in about 3-4 months I'll be able to be working and making money. Because then I'll get my car BACK!! (His excuse for why he takes the car to work every day is that as soon as I get a job and start making the payments I can have the car back.)

And on the weight loss trail...well, I'm doing alright. I haven't gone past my peak, but I'm not doing as much as I could either. With having taken control of my professional future recently, I'm looking to take better hold of my physical future too. I'll be making sure I schedule time to work out every day and eating out less.

So I guess in closing, all I can say is that I will TRY to keep this blog up more in the coming weeks. School starts in about a week and a half for the kids, so I'll not have them under foot quite as much, which should free up some time.

Be well friends!


A Mom on Spin said...

The medical transcription thing sounds like a great job.

Do you work from home??? Cause THAT would be awesome!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Keep your chin up, girl.

But could I break my mother's advice, which is never to give unsolicited advice, and make one humble suggestion? Buy a medical dictionary and start transcribing away. If you're a good speller and typist to begin with, you probably don't need to pay for any transcriptionist training. You should be set to go.


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