Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Slump

I realize that my summer blogging slump really started more in the Spring than Summer, but ah well. I have been busy, I guess. Mostly house and kid stuff. By that of course I mean trying my damnest to clean this house at least to half of my hubby's standards and taking the kids for rides in the car and to the neighborhood pool.

My computer has recently come down with a new ailment. Where it used to have issues charging, now it would appear as though it is narcoleptic. For no apparent reason it will just shut down. I usually have a 2-3 second warning...nothing moves, mouse stops working, and then the screen goes black! Here as of late I have taken to waving at the screen when I see the warning signs. Well, that or I flip it off. Neither seems to be helping. So hopefully after I find a dream job and finish paying off the new car, I'll be able to get a sweet new laptop. But that'll probably be more than a year or two from now. Ugh!

Another thing that's been on my mind is divorce. No worries, peeps!! Not me!! I just know an increasingly large amount of people who have been, are getting, or are contemplating visiting the Big D (and I don't mean Dallas). It has gotten me wondering some things. So many times, I hear that people just feel like they can do better. They settled and they're tired of putting up with it. But I know at some point, they did NOT feel like they were "settling" for anything. At some point they said those words, and believed them...."till death parts us...I will love you forever...etc..." But when asked what I think about all of it, I keep coming back to the same question for them. I ask, "Do you WANT to work it out? Or do you just want out?" I firmly believe that if deep down you don't WANT to work it out, then you won't. Things will NOT get better.

A while back, Hubby and I went through a MAJOR rough patch and it just about did us in. But we BOTH really WANTED to work it out. So we did. We talked about things even if they were painful to the speaker OR the listener. We never went to professional counseling because we didn't feel we needed it. I believe that counselors help you to talk about things you wouldn't on your own. This was never the case. There was a lot of cleansing crying, but very little yelling. We just talked about everything! Why is it that someone you pledged your life to one day, days, months or even years later you feel nauseated talking to about your feelings? When and HOW does that happen? I don't understand it, honestly.

I'm concerned for my friends who are going through, have gone through, or are considering these life events. I think of them often and hope they find peace and happiness in whatever their decisions. Believe it or not I even pray for them all. Nightly I pray for everyone. Friends, family, acquaintances, people I have never met or might never meet, and my enemies...

I gotta say...sometimes I just wish I understood more, but at the same time, I'm happy I don't at the same time. They're right...ignorance IS bliss! =)

Be well friends, and know I think of you all often. And I'm going to try to get back to writing here more.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I've been reading mixed things about the divorce rate. Some say divorces are down because people can't afford them these days. Others say divorces are up because the bad economy puts people in bad moods. Who knows?

The best quote I've seen yet, though it wasn't in the context of divorce, is that when people have think they've lost everything and there's nothing else to lose, they lose it.

Glad to hear you and your Hub are doing just fine.

The Stiletto Mom said...

We have yet another friend going thru a divorce. It kills me to watch it. We've had our stormy periods as well and I'm so happy to have weathered them because watching what is going on around me just breaks my heart....

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